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The UnTours Foundation Reset Tourism Fund

The Reset Tourism Fund is investing mission-aligned capital into the world-changing businesses shaping the future of tourism

Reset Tourism Fund

The Reset Tourism Fund will provide catalytic, flexible, and affordable capital, from the UnTours Foundation, with special consideration for ATTA members. The Reset Tourism Fund’s purpose is to empower those tourism-based businesses that -- by the nature of how they operate, where they are located, and who they are owned by -- generate the greatest positive impact in local communities around the world. The funding provided will enable them to rebound from pandemic and climate change induced disruptions to the travel industry and to thrive into the future.

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The UnTours Foundation and ATTA have partnered to bring an opportunity for financial investment to ATTA members.

As part of the partnership between our two organizations, ATTA Business and Professional Members will receive special consideration for funding when you indicate you are a member on the Reset Tourism Fund application.

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The UnTours Foundation

The UnTours Foundation is a foundation that was born out of the travel company, Untours. From its initial launch in 1992, UF has used 100% of the profits of Untours, along with donations from “untourists” and other funders, to invest catalytic capital into world-changing businesses and provide them with vital mentoring, industry connections, and loving support. The Untours Foundation’s mission is to provide flexible growth capital to businesses that are building better future for the tourism industry by investing in businesses that:

  • Are led by under-represented founders and leaders
  • Imbed community-enhancing practices into their business models
  • Fight poverty and restore livelihoods by providing good jobs
  • Regenerate rather than extract from the natural environment
  • Offer ALL travelers a meaningful and culturally appropriate experience

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