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Partnership Overview

ATTA and Travelife have a strategic partnership to combine ATTA’s expertise in the adventure tourism market, with Travelife’s proven sustainability solutions.

As part of the agreement, ATTA members worldwide get free access to Travelife’s online trainings, live webinars and workshops, as well as Travelife’s proprietary management, action planning, guidance and reporting tool. Learn more about joining Travelife as an ATTA Member.

Additionally, in October 2022, Travelife and its partners, including the ATTA, released 38 activity sustainability codes of best practice for the tour operator industry. This compilation of standards specifically address sustainability topics related to adventure activities such as community based tourism, wildlife watching tours, mountain biking, surfing and stand up paddleboarding, hiking, trekking and many more. 

Sustainability Codes of Best Practice

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Global framework for tourism activities

Whether summiting the highest mountain peak, visiting rural communities, or walking along pristine beaches to observe turtle nesting, there are a range of considerations for activity providers to keep in mind when planning and conducting tourism activities. The following codes of best practice have been compiled to ensure that the negative impacts that may result from activities on offer are minimized, while maximizing the benefits they can generate for the people and places in a destination, as well as the fulfillment enjoyed by activity participants.

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Download the standards below.

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The codes of best practice is one more key step in making sustainability actions to be adopted by the tourism sector globally, it is a practical approach to make sustainability a reality in daily operations from a wide range of adventure and nature travel activities.

Gustavo Timo

Vice President Product and Destination Development, ATTA

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ATTA Business Member tour operators can enjoy a free Travelife Engaged membership. Travelife Engaged is the first level in the three-stage Travelife certification process and includes access to Travelife’s online trainings, webinars, and workshops, as well as Travelife’s proprietary sustainability management, action planning, guidance, and reporting tool.
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Article: ATTA and Travelife for Tour Operators Team Up to Promote Sustainability in the Adventure Travel Sector

Read about the launch of this partnership and what it means for members of ATTA and Travelife.

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Webinar: Sustainability Education with Travelife for Tour Operators

This webinar from April 2022 marks the launch of the global strategic partnership to combine ATTA’s expertise in the adventure tourism market with Travelife for Tour Operators’ proven sustainability solutions. As an ATTA Member exclusive opportunity, join us for one hour as Travelife presents an informational session on the topic of sustainability certification for tour operators.

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Article: ATTA and Travelife Launch Sustainability Standards for Tourism Worldwide

Travelife and its partners, including the ATTA, have released 38 activity sustainability standards for the tour operator industry.

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About Travelife for Tour Operators

Travelife for Tour Operators provides online training and practical tools for sustainability management and certification. The training and online tools are suitable for tour operators of any size and cover all management aspects of the travel company business including office operations, the supply chain, destinations and consumers.

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