1% for the Planet

Track your charitable donations with 1% for the Planet and join the adventure travel community in our collective effort for a sustainable future.

ATTA has teamed up with 1% for the Planet, a global initiative uniting businesses and individuals in support of environmental solutions through annual giving commitments. As part of ATTA’s sustainability and conservation efforts, ATTA has designated the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) as our esteemed non-profit partner and recipient of their 1% contributions. The ATCF is an official environmental partner of 1% for the Planet and has been directly funding local projects engaged in the conservation of unique natural and cultural resources of adventure travel destinations since 2016.

We're inviting all ATTA members to join us in this important endeavor. By tracking your charitable donations through 1% for the Planet and informing your account managers that you're an ATTA member, we'll be able to aggregate all of our members' donations. This will allow us to tell the compelling story of our industry and the impact we're collectively making.

Shannon Stowell


1% for the Planet & Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

The adventure travel community has long demonstrated generosity to the industry,  founding nonprofit organizations, partnering with, and supporting others. The 1% for the Planet program provides a vehicle to continue that support in a collective manner by contributing to Environmental Partners who are vetted and approved based on referrals, track record, and environmental focus. For those members seeking a pre-approved partner that funds conservation projects in partnership with local communities, the ATTA invites you to learn more about the ATCF.

When designating ATCF as your 1% environmental partner, any new organizations will receive a one-year base-level membership to the ATCF. 

As an ATCF member, you support an organization that has awarded over $500,000 in grants to conservation projects around the globe. You can also nominate and vote on nonprofit projects to receive funding and network with like-minded adventure travel professionals.

For more information about how your 1% contributions can directly impact conservation projects, contact Executive Director, Soraya Shattuck, at [email protected], or join the ATCF team at the Adventure Travel World Summit. 

Now is the perfect time to give back to the planet. Join us in our mission to preserve and protect our natural world. Together, we can create a future where adventure and conservation go hand in hand.

Soraya Shattuck

Executive Director, Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Getting Started

How Does This Work?

Choose your cause:

With thousands of organizations to choose from, 1% for the Planet members can give to Environmental Partners that support the issues and communities that matter most to them. 

Give Directly:

1% members give directly to in-network environmental partners—meaning there’s no middleman between members and the environmental partner you choose to support. ATTA donates 1% to the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, which awards grants to different nonprofit projects in places where adventure travel happens.

Amplify your impact:

We can do far more together than we can alone. The 1% for the Planet logo is on millions of products and services worldwide, featured widely, and is growing in awareness every day. In short: this globally recognized, trusted platform gives your giving even more power. ATTA will also be able to aggregate the donations of all ATTA members, to help tell the story of our community.

Certify your giving:

Through 1% for the Planet's certification process, members provide annual documentation of their total sales and proof of donations to in-network environmental partners, like the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. Third-party certification allows members to leverage the 1% for the Planet logo as a verified seal of their commitment to people and the planet, without the potential risks of greenwashing.

Join the ATTA Community in Tracking our Donations